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24" & 27" Propane Floor Buffer (dust control)

  • Dust Control Propane Burnisher (24 inch model shown)
  • Dust Control Skirt

Eagle / Stonekor dust control burnishers provide powerful results with a superior dust collection system. This series offers superb dust control which is often critical for retail stores, office buildings, educational institutions, supermarkets, and sports facilities. The dust containment skirt with a dust collecting filter bag reduces airborne dust particles and improves indoor air quality.

  • The Dust containment skirt surrounds the frames to reduce airborne particles.
  • All dirt and debris are collected within a reusable cloth filter bag.
  • The filter bag is fully protected by a metal shroud, this eliminates any torn or ripped filters.
  • Spare parts readily available and generally ship in 24-48 hours.