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Pumice Scouring Stick

Part# 0920000

  • Pumie - Pumice Scouring Stick
  • Dozen per case

Pumice powers out lime, rust, and stains in toilets and urinals without harm to porcelain finishes. Pumice Power works when the strongest chemicals quit. Pumie is 100% pure pumice; its miraculous cleansing ability is well known to professionals. Food service chefs, painters, plumbers, farmers, mechanics, pool servicers, and the industrial cleaning and maintenance trade all depend on the abrasive cleaning action of pumice to remove baked-on food and grease, water and acid stains, rock-hard mineral deposits, paint, rust, lime, and other substances from hard surfaces.

  • Eliminates stains in seconds while protecting porcelain
  • Shapes easily to flat or curved surfaces
  • Safe for hands and to use around children and pets