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Purell ADX Foam Hand Sanitizer (8705,8805)

  • Purell ADX-7, 700 ml Foam Hand Sanitizer Refill (8705)
  • Purell 8705 packed 4 per case
  • Purell ADX-12, 1200 ml Foam Hand Sanitizer Refill (8805)
  • Purell 8805 packed 3 per case
  • dispenser sold separately

Foam hand sanitizer is gaining popularity in more environments than just medical facilities. Foam hand sanitizer is great for use in schools and other places where young children may have access to it. Gel hand sanitizer tends to slide off hands and drip, whereas foam hand sanitizer remains in place until rubbed in.

  • Generous portions when compared to gel sanitizer
  • Remains on hands and tends to dry more quickly than gel
  • Thousands of uses per case
  • Kills 99.99% of germs that cause illness
  • Fits GOJO / Purell ADX-7 & ADX-12 dispensers
  • 70% alcohol formula