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Purell TFX Gel Hand Sanitizer (5456)

Part# 0325456

  • Purell TFX Gel Hand Sanitizer (5456)
  • Purell TFX gel hand sanitizer
  • TFX Dispenser (sold separately)

Purell TFX hand sanitizer refill bottle (5456-04) is the most effective hand sanitizer available for the Purell TFX touch-free dispensers. Each case of 1200 ml bottles (4 per case) of Purell yields 4800 applications of gel sanitizer. The new advanced formulas have greater bacteria killing power and are more effective with repeated use.

  • This is the original Purell Gel formula that fits inside a standard Purell TFX dispenser (2720).
  • TFX gel offers the most economical option versus the foam version.
  • The gel formula delivers approximately 20% more for the same cost as the foam version.
  • 70% alcohol formula