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Neutral Floor Stripper for Rubber, LVT, Marmoleum

Part# 0044225

  • pH Neutral Floor Stripper

Neutral pH Floor Stripper is the ideal product for use in places where a high pH stripper cannot be used. Contains no ammonia, butyl, caustic, or other harsh materials. This product is safe for the user and the environment, and contains no VOC levels that exceed established regulatory limits. Ideal for use on synthetic flooring such as rubber, linoleum, or anywhere a high pH stripper will damage the substrate.

  • Ideal floor preparation product for Rubber, PVC, marmoleum, rubber studded, linoleum, and asphalt flooring.
  • A specially formulated stripper that quickly prepares rubber flooring for new finishes.
  • Quickly emulsifies factory coating, paraffin and mold release.