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  • The chemical screen is one of the central tools of SafetyPro. It is a screen for gathering information on all of the chemicals that your company uses. Once entered, this information is used to print chemical lists, track which employee classifications should be handling a given chemical, and produce labels for your chemical bottles and other containers.
  • All information entered into this screen must be taken directly from the chemical manufacturer's Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), or other equivalent information sheet. This will ensure that you have the correct information on each product as reported by the manufacturer themselves.
  • The Classification Code field is used to list each job title that may handle this product. This information allows you to determine who should be trained on the safe handling of each chemical.
  • Extensive help is available for each of the four hazard ratings through 'TIPS' and the online context-sensitive help [F1].
  • All the information entered into this screen can be printed on secondary labels.

Report Options
  • Secondary labels using standard Avery labels.
  • Chemical List (may be sorted a variety of ways)
  • Employees that need refresher training. You have the option to also include which chemicals they need to be trained on.
  • Initial orientation training sheets contain chemical information that is individualized for each employee. Can also be used for refresher training.