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Programs and Documents

SafetyPro - Safety & Health Program

Document Editor

Main Menu

  • The document editor is a screen that allows you to edit the content of any safety program. You can modify any program on the fly using this screen and reprint the finished results. This screen will also allow you to add any company specific safety programs that you may have.
  • One-column and two-column print formats are provided. Simply select the format that you prefer by checking the appropriate box.
  • Individual paragraphs can be omitted from the report by removing the check from the "Print" check box next to that specific paragraph.
  • Entering the number that you wish the paragraphs to be presented can change the order of each paragraph.
  • Executive ToolKit SafetyPro has provided several sample documents, including a Hazard Communication Program, Bloodborne Pathogen Program and a Safety and Health Program. These documents may be modified to fit your particular needs.
  • Each program can have one or more documents.

Report Options
  • One or two column layout.
  • Creates professional and official looking documents.