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Daily Scheduling

SchedulePro - Workloading & Scheduling

Main Menu

  • You can schedule zone or team cleaning with your workloaded data.
  • Position names can be used instead of employee names.
  • For each schedule, select all the tasks to be added to the schedule.
  • You can 'drill-down' to the workload information by double-clicking on the task.
  • Sort the tasks by changing the 'Order' number.
  • Select a day in the "Select Day to View" drop down box to only show, and optionally print, the tasks that are to be done for that day.
  • Add one or more breaks (or none) for each schedule. Time is automatically added to schedule.
  • Breaks can be globally setup in Project Preferences.
  • Click the printer icon to open the Daily Reports option dialog.
  • Adjust the 'Productivity Rating' for challenged employees to adjust the 'Start' & 'Finish' times up.