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Workload Scheduling

SchedulePro - Workloading & Scheduling

Main Menu

  • Select the task to be completed from the 'Task Category' list.
  • Enter 'Specific Duties/Areas and/or 'Comments' for the task.
  • Select whether the task is daily or periodic. (Type = D or P)
  • Select 'Density'. Default is Medium. High and low density adjust time up or down by 20%.
  • Enter the number of units (sq. ft.), and voila, the time is calculated for you.
  • If you want to modify the time, simply enter the new time in.
  • Workload daily and periodic tasks at the same time for each area.
  • Areas that are alike, multi-story buildings or wings, can be copied to a new area using the 'Copy Wizard'.
Report Options
  • Workload reports show all tasks workloaded for selected customer.
  • The Unit Report lists all areas and totals the workloaded units by area.