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Sheila Shine - Stainless Steel Cleaner (liquid)

  • Sheila Shine (gallon)
  • Case of 4 gallons
  • Sheila Shine (quart)

The economical refill option for the Sheila Shine aerosol can. Removes greasy film and water marks. Preserves the surface against deterioration of any kind. Revolutionize the cleaning and polishing of your stainless steel. Sheila Shine requires no rubbing or difficult polishing. It is so easy, so simple that it actually makes cleaning a pleasure, with unbelievable results.

  • Polishes without rubbing
  • Eliminates streaking
  • Resists finger marks
  • The best stainless steel polish you can buy - anywhere
  • Gallons: sold each or by the case of 4 cans
  • Quarts: sold each or by the case of 12 cans