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Solar Panel Cleaning


Tools and Accessories

With the HiFlo Window Washing Systems, the cleaning of solar panels becomes quick, easy, and effective. Without using ladders or cranes and even without walking on the roof, the modules can be cleaned in no time. The cleaning results are immediately visible and the solar output already rises considerably during the cleaning itself.

Even if some manufacturers claim that solar stations are self-cleaning – the opposite is true! Dirt, dust, oil, etc. from clouds and the atmosphere are absorbed by the rain and deposited onto the panels.

It is true that rain removes part of the existing dirt, but it also deposits new dirt on the surface. That new dirt blocks some of the sunlight and the panels can no longer produce sufficient electrical energy.


DI Water Systems such as the HP06T, HP12C, and the HP24C are the most effective way to achieve a spot free clean!


Convenient and Secure

No ladders needed! Regular cleaning with WaterFed Cleaning Systems increases the solar output from anywhere up to 30%!


Professional Cleaning of Solar Panels

HiFlo Cleaning Poles are the most efficient cleaning solution

  • EFFICIENT: up to 30% higher solar output
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Cleaning without chemicals
  • SECURE: No ladders necessary

HiFlo Cleaning Poles are the chemical free and environmentally friendly cleaning system for all solar systems!


HiFlo Solar Panel Washing Pole Close-Up of Cleaning HiFlo Solar Panel Washing Pole Photo of Person Using  HiFlo Solar Panel Washing Pole Before and After Photo