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Scratch Removal Discs for Marble, Terrazzo Floors (SRD)

Part# 0655505

  • Scratch Removal Discs, SRD`s (3 per set)
  • SRD`s attached to a white pad with a male-male velcro kit
  • SRD`s attached to a diamond disc holder

In one easy step this unique disc completely prepares your marble, granite, terrazzo and concrete surfaces for polishing. The unique design of the "Scratch Removal Discs" allows this one step diamond to "cut" with the aggressive action of a 300 grit diamond and leave an 1,100 grit finish. Once this step is completed, your floor is ready to accept the polish powder or polishing paste.

  • Recommended for use on terrazzo, marble, travertine and limestone floors.
  • The Scratch Removal Discs are designed to be used with water.
  • Long lasting, 3000-5000 square feet per set.