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Microfiber Wet Mop (looped)

  • Medium Mop (green)
  • Large Mop (blue)
  • Fits this style handle
  • Fits this style handle

The microfiber yarn increases the surface friction for superior cleaning as compared to traditional wet mops. Fast-drying and non-abrasive, this microfiber mop will withstand hundreds of machine washings, making it a reliable and economical choice in cleaning tools.

  • Super absorbent so it is great for picking up large amounts of liquid.
  • Mops rinse easily which allows extended use before replacement is needed.
  • Lasts longer and cleans better than traditional cotton and cotton/rayon mops.
  • Absorbs and retains more water than any other conventional wet mops.
  • Sold each or by the case of 12