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Industrial / Commercial Sweepers are the perfect solution for cleaning commercial floors, carpet surface, warehouse floors, and even parking lots. Our selection of sweepers range from manual- push to self-propelled. Sizes ranges from a small compact push-sweeper of 22" to battery operated self-drive 36" industrial warehouse sweepers with full dust containment system. 


Sweepers offer significant labor savings versus conventional hand sweeping or vacuuming. The average sweeper is 7X faster than a push-broom (typically on concrete floors) or 10 faster than an operator using a vacuum cleaner for carpeted floors. 


For carpeted floors (large floor spaces or long hallways / corridors) battery powered sweepers have replaced the tradition wide area vacuum cleaners. Sweepers are faster and more efficient and require NO power cords.


Included is an article about the care and maintenance of your sweeper.

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