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Foam Fresh, Touch-Free Lotion Hand Soap (34018)

Part# 0329200

  • Foam fresh Touch-Free Hand Soap (Green Certified 0329200)
  • Soap cartridge installed
  • Touch Free Foam Soap Dispenser (sold separately)

Touch Free Foam Soap cartridge refills. You'll love our rich, thick luxurious lather from the moment you place your hands under the dispenser. Each Foam Fresh soap refill is a sanitary sealed collapsible refill that keeps germs out.

  • You can see the soap being dispensed - no wasted extra discharges
  • Each push dispenses .7 ml of foam hand soap
  • 1 case of foam had soap yields over 3,400 uses per case
  • This is what patrons are seeking in modern restrooms
  • Green Seal and EcoLogo certified hand soap