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Twister Diamond Pads (starter kit)

  • Twister 4 pad starter kit
  • Red Twister Pad (400 grit)
  • White Twister Pad (800 grit)
  • Yellow Twister Pad (1500 grit)
  • Green Twister Pad (3000 grit)

Terrazzo / Marble / Concrete Polishing Pads - Twister is a revolutionary cleaning system consisting of floor pads containing billions of microscopic diamonds which clean and polish the floor mechanically instead of using chemicals. Twister can be used on most common floor surfaces such as terrazzo, natural stone, concrete, vinyl and epoxy. Twister transforms dull, worn floors into clean, glossy and brightly polished floors.

  • A complete kit for polishing and restoring floors.
  • Best results are achieved when using a high speed burnisher.
  • Available in 17" and 20" sizes.