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Large Capacity Wet & Dry Vacuum (Shovelnose)

Part# 1401016

  • 18 Gallon Capacity Wet Vacuum
  • Included toolkit
  • Tool storage
  • Dry filter bag
  • Wet filter bag
  • Larger capacity
  • Included front mount squeegee

The most productive, reliable commercial duty wet / dry vacuum you can buy. Put this wet & dry vacuum cleaner on the job and start saving money. The powerful, 1.5 hp vacuum motor is located under the tank for protection from water and debris. A float system stops recovery to prevent tank overflow.

  • Tough poly construction, functional design assure durability
  • Dependability - corrosion proof that won't chip or dent.
  • Large rear wheels make transport easy, even up or down stairs.
  • A built-in float system automatically cuts off the vacuum air flow when the tank fills with liquid, preventing overflow.
  • Why waste time with mops and buckets?