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Telescopic Window Cleaning Poles

  • 8` Telescoping Pole (2 section)
  • 14` and 18` Telescoping Pole (3 section)
  • 30` Telescoping Pole (5 section)
  • 30` Telescopic Pole
  • 30` pole shown
  • 14` pole shown
  • (strip washer not included with pole)

Unger Telescopic Window Cleaning Poles allow you to clean windows over 30 ft high without a ladder.

  • Telescoping poles make window cleaning safer
  • Window Washing Poles easily extend to help reach high windows
  • Extending window washing pole cannot fall off, due to locking mechanism
  • Ribbed connecting collar is ergonomic, locks in place and easy to turn when wet
  • Avoid window cleaning accidents - most accidents are caused by incorrect ladder use
  • Clean high windows with ease
  • Easily order different length extending poles from this page