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Wood Floor Maintenance


Wood Floor

1. Dust Mop - Dust mop every day with a dust mop treated with Dust Mop Treatment. Never apply dust mop treatment directly to the floor. Always treat mops according to label directions. Treat mops at least one day prior to use—this allows an adequate "cure" period. Placing in a plastic bag for a day or two will complete the "cure-in" by distributing the treatment uniformly throughout all strands. Treat lint-free cloths similarly.

DO NOT OVER-TREAT THE DUST MOP: The correct amount is present when strands of cloth can be felt with the hand and the treatment does not come off onto the skin. Push the mop the entire length of the floor without lifting (unless required to remove debris or you have reached the end of the area.) The dust will form lint and this and other debris can be removed easily by shaking up and down.

Wood Floor2. Repeat Dust Mopping - Several dust moppings per day may be required.


Make sure the Dust Mop Treatment is not over used because the floor will become very slippery. If the floor is saturated with the Dust Mop Treatment, it may be necessary to scrub floor with Maintenance Cleaner or tack floor with clean towels with Maintenance Cleaner in order to remove all dust mop treatment.

3. Limit Shoe Traffic - Many gym floors are used as multi-purpose floors. Try to limit street shoe traffic as much as possible. Place walk off mats at all entrances to collect dirt and grit that may be otherwise tracked onto the floor. Avoid dragging chairs and tables across the floor as this can cause excessive damage to the finish. Mats should be cleaned often.

4. Use Automatic Scrubber - In addition to dust moppings, the use of an automatic scrubber may be necessary to periodically clean the floor. Use Maintenance Cleaner at a ratio of 2 ounces to 5 ounces per gallon of water (2:5), depending on magnitude of cleaning to be done. Use large terry cloth towels in the same manner as when "tack-ragging" a floor, or apply by using an automatic scrubber equipped with a white pad if more aggressive cleaning is required. Change water frequently. Dirty water may leave a dull residue on the floor.