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Wood Floor Finishes - Water Base & Oil Base
The Commercial Water Base Wood Floor System is one of the most technologically advanced systems available for coating and maintenance of gymnasiums, sports floors, and other wood-surface floors. It's a complete system, from floor sealer to floor cleaner, that's specially designed for today's high-use gyms and fast-paced athletics. Commercial Water Base Wood Finish is a water-base urethane that makes oil-modified coatings a thing of the past. It provides increased durability, dries substantially faster, is safer to use, and gives the floor a much lighter, brighter look than typical oil-modified. It also has a non-flammable, low odor formula which allows you to recoat anytime of year with reduced liability exposure.

In addition to the Water Base Wood Floor System, we also carry Oil Based Wood Floor finishes, as well as, wood floor cleaning products, finish applicators, applicator refills, and sanding screens. Parish Supply has all the products you need to make refinishing your wood floor easy!

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